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Graduate student of Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University.

If I'm not doing something with #Emacs, I'm probably doing something in #Emacs.

Live every day as if it were April 1st.
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An interesting post about workflow optimization.


Let’s see how it compares to what I do…

  1. Jordan Cutler (the author) uses: #zsh autosuggestions, aliases & scm_breeze to manage git faster
    I use: #magit

  2. JC uses: VS Code go to definition, location history & #copilot
    I use: M-x evil-go-to-definition (defers to xref with #lsp); swiper, multiple windows, evil motions and other navigation stuff; sometimes #copilot.
    I should probably look into the mark ring.

  3. JC uses: #Notion to make learning notes
    I use: #orgroam, although I don’t store much programming stuff there.

  4. JC uses: #Todoist to implement inbox for tasks
    I use: #orgmode and capture templates

  5. JC uses: #CleanShot, a commercial screenshot app for MacOS
    I use: uuh, how come #emacs doesn’t have a screenshot tool? I use Flameshot and OBS.

  6. JC uses: #1Password, a commercial (subscription-based) password manager
    I use: #passwordstore, pass.el and my emacs package that types passwords with xdotool

  7. JS uses: Rectangle, a WM for MacOS
    I use: #EXWM

Yeah, I guess that’s about as much as one can get for Emacs without Emacs :D

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