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Graduate student of Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University.

If I'm not doing something with #Emacs, I'm probably doing something in #Emacs.

Live every day as if it were April 1st.
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Lol. Whisper (tiny.en) correctly transcribed “Wondrium”, but provided two different incorrect transcriptions for “Shermer”, the podcast host’s last name.

02:08.280 –> 02:09.920
Why would you not do this?

02:09.920 –> 02:18.720
Right, Wondrium.com slash, Shurmur, W-O-N-D-R-I-U-M slash, S-A-G-R-M-E-R, Wondrium.com slash,

02:18.720 –> 02:23.400
Shurmur, get two years for the price of one you subscribe and then you just log in on

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