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Graduate student of Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University.

If I'm not doing something with #Emacs, I'm probably doing something in #Emacs.

Live every day as if it were April 1st.
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Me reading #twitter via #RSS:

  1. I don’t like what’s going on there, but I do want to know what some person is thinking…
  2. Okay, subscribe to the feeds
  3. Try to read them
  4. Oh, there’s > 100 unread entries in that category again and again
  5. Maybe I’ll subscribe / read selectively, or set auto-mark-as-read, or something
  6. Nah, there’s really no good way to do that. Unsubscribe from the feeds.

I’ve gone through these stages several times already and now I’m at (6), but… am I going to (1) again? Part of me can’t believe that

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